Wooden Houses

Wooden Houses, Log Homes, Bungalow Homes

Billets and finished the project for more than 200 homes in Kemer Country forest of wooden houses can look at some photos here.

Features and benefits of Bungalow houses

Wooden houses (bungalow house), and housing and housing need in addition to meeting all the requirements met in the traditional structures, provides a much more healthy and comfortable living areas. Wooden houses (bungalow house) is the most important feature of the earthquake is the most durable structures. The greatest advantage of reinforced concrete and prefabricated structures other than the long-lasting. Wooden houses have very good thermal insulation properties. . Wood with moisture absorption is another feature of the privileges thus eliminating the air rutubetsorunlarını optimum filters. Bungalow houses that harm human health, partial types of electromagnetic waves across the insulator acts as a powerful show .. Bungalow houses, excellent sound insulation capability, thermal insulation properties, electrical conductivity, electrostatic load resistance, and low-level structures, considering the wooden bungalow houses standing out amongst all the other took first place in terms of these properties.